March 1, 2007

Imitation is the best form of flattery.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Imitation is the best form of flattery...
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....therefore i'm copying my cousin Dottie's blog about the fellas....excpet with my own list.After, feeling freaked out about romance I decided that it's time for to really find out what it is that I want, not only in life but in L-O-V-E. That's a big word. My main reason for being scared of the possibility of love is due to the fact that I don't really know that I'm ready or worthy of it from a guy. For three years I've been convincing myself that love doesn't exist, yes it does, wait no it doesn't, i can't decide. So, how do i prepare myself for love when it comes along? How do I prepare myself for any type of admiration from a fella? The fuck I know. All I know is that I wouldn't want to fuck things I have in the past with running/pushing/flying? away. To be honest, I'm not sure that I've been with someone that I haven't been embarrased to be with in public. The minute I do find someone I freak out. Oh my gosh! What do I do with that? Anyway....blah blah blah about this. The list is something of myself and for the hypothetical future boy toy, I mean boyfriend, I mean girlfriend I mean lover, I mean male companion, I mean female companion, I mean friend for life (who I just might have occasional sexual relations).

List of self requirements:
-Not to freak out when a good thing comes along because I'm good enough for good if not GRAND
-Be myself
-Love who I am with and without the person
-Let go when it's time to let go (the person, an issue, whatever, just do it)
-Realize that the person I want to be with is really what I want and I'm not just settling
-If you obtain a nice fella in your life do feel free to look at other fellas but for the love of god DO NOT TOUCH the other fellas
-Be a woman because you stopped being a girl when you realized that being a woman is beautiful and much more rewarding

Now onto the list of requirements for the fellas....I will also use my cousin's, "He needs to at least posess 70% of the qualities that I'm looking for,"
-Most importantly, he needs to be funny because I don't care how much I may have in common with someone, if he doesn't make me laugh I'm not into him
-Pure confidence: love of self
-Willing to travel the world with me and/or fine with my traveling the world by myself
-Able to stimulate my "Gemini"mind, it needs the constant stimulation, especially now since I'm re-awakening....this means that he's educated about music, fashion, travel, current events, sports, vaginas....something....stimulate my noggin
-Fearless on telling me that I need to grow up because I know that I've lived a bit of a charmed life
-Isn't afraid of Vaginas, in fact having an extensive knowledge gives the man bonus points-Doesn't mind the fact that at times I like being the observer/listener and other times I like to be the center of attention
-Can handle that I'm great at tap dancing-dance offs, especially on Halloween
-Appreciates good music, i.e. Modest Mouse, Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade, Regina Spektor, Ricky Martin....wait what? but also has his own tastes
-Knows how to stroke hair....this is important because I say so....I love it!!!
-Has a dream and is working towards it
-Zealous-Loves his family and the idea of family
-Enjoys being in nature and the city, i.e. can go camping, or trek the Himalayas, or kayak the open waters, or rocking out at a concert, or sitting at a bar in the middle of the city with friends
-Honest, honest, honest, HONEST
-is able to sit with me and be like I do with my best friends
-Understands that sometimes I cherish my times of solitude
-Able to see that even though my dad is an Old Goat, he's my Old Goat and that he's actually got a soft spot
-Will not degrade my mother because she is a Sweet Doll
-Gets that I have a lot of friends, guys and times I'll want to spend time with just my guy friends or that the love that i have for my guy friends is is defined in many ways but I've got it for all of my friends and family
-Balances the superficial with the vision of what's beneath because I cannot handle the pure material or the pure ethereal....I need balance!
-Must love dogs...animals....the circle of life....and it moves us all!
-Get's me and is cool with it
-Enjoys running around in the rain barefoot as much as I do

So let's see that's 15.5 out of 22 to reach 70%. I'm not taking this too seriously or more like I'm not actively looking but this is what I look for in my future lover. We'll see how things go. I need to work on me first. I know for sure that I want him/her to be a best friend. I'm always happy to be with my best friends.Okay, it's time for me to go talk to a horse about a man.

-Miss Boots

P.S. Dottie, not only are strawberries the sauce but so are YOU!

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