March 4, 2007

Why it's important to like baseball

Why it's important to like baseball..... Category: Life
After having a....I'll call it a "semi-date" though I know it's "simu-date." But I wasn't preparing for a real date, I was just meeting this fella because he insisted and so I caved. We have a lot of common goals: I would like to end up in Paris within one or two years and study photography at Speos and just be an ex-patriate for a while. Since he has dual citizenship with France he'd like to do that too. He wants to sail around the world, ditto for me. Kids, the works. We've got it going on when it comes to what we want in the future. The only thing is that there is NO CONNECTION. After having coffee with him, well he had coffee and I had nothing since we met up at Starbucks, I totally realized that it's important for the future fella to like baseball or any American sport. I wasn't pleased at all listening to him talk about how much he detested the sport. Where, I don't play it and do not actively follow it until the World Series but it's Baseball!!!!! I loved going to high school baseball games and loved it even more when I got to sit in the dugout with the Baseball Boys (I was a Student Athletic Trainer). Football games! Watching sport! I love it! So, you can consider me adding to the list:
***Must enjoy baseball, football, or sport. This is due to the fact that I love getting together with friends cheering on a team. For me sport creates comrarderie and that's important.***
Another thing which I had already included in the list is, it's very important that my future lover really be into the idea of having a family together. Yes, some families are dysfunctional but I'd take a family like in "Little Miss Sunshine" any day than no family at all. Teamwork, own it!
Anyway, you can be sure I will not be meeting up with that fella again. I also didn't like the fact that he wore pretty shoes.....prettier than mine at least. What's up with that? There's melted snow and puddles on the ground. Isn't very smart to be prancing around in your fancy Italian shoes. Oh! Another thing, when I'm in the pathway of someone behind me do inform me by tapping me on the shoulder or by simply saying, watch out for the person behind you but for the love of god DO NOT grab and pull me out of the way. Major minus points.
Miss Boots over and out-

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