May 27, 2010

Happy Restlessness

Doesn't do us justice but that's how we roll really. I carry him while he wraps his little body around me. In Hawai'i we call lil' critters like that opihis (oh-pee-hee). I love that he's still a little opihi.

So you know how I had announced that we will be moving back to the Seattle area in July? And then I changed it to later in the year.

How about we say that we're enjoying our time in Hawai'i, we miss the folks we love on the mainland and that one day, some day we'll get back to the continental USA. But right now? Right now we're having a good time in Hawai'i so we'll stay for however long.

And as far as Seattle? Who knows. I'd love for it to be Seattle so the Mancub can grow up around his Popi and Tutu but LA sounds nice too. We'd move there so I can work with the team in LA. Or moving back to Boston, my city and love. Indeed, I grew up in Seattle but Boston is my city, my homie, my main lady. I know that city like the back of my hand, with all the aimless walking that I did. Although, who wants to deal with that summer humidity? Maybe Spokane where the rent is cheap, the green initiative is intense and still close enough to visit the grandparents once or twice a month.

Who knows. For all I know we could stay here on the island for another two years.

I leave it all up to the wind.

But how great is it that I'm finally happy with where I am? I hate to swear on this blog but it's fucking fabulous! Finally.

Of course I'm still restless, of course, but happy.

Happy restlessness.

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