January 5, 2010

Let's just call these my resolutions......

Remember my 27 things to do before I turn 27-years-old post?

Well here are the things I've accomplished so far:
  1. Found peace with my present - finally! It feels so good!

  2. Made more friends - I have a playdate with another mama this Thursday and I keep making more friends!

So just TWO so far but I'm searching for a good photo contest to enter, plan on piercing my nose, cooking a meal for loved ones (my mom's visiting), and sew & knit, in March. I'm also on the hunt for a journal to write in, so if you have any advice or places that would have a good, thick, and elegant journal let me know. Though, I'll probably just buy a composition book and go from there.

I'm still working on my AWESOME project so it'll be another while until I post it.

Until then....

Oh and can I get a "Whoo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!" for the Restless Tutu visiting in March. Should be good times, people, good times!

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