December 28, 2009

Internet-cation and a Contest!

I had a four-day weekend last week thanks to the holiday we call Christmas. I also had a four-day vacation from the internet. I can hear Aunty Megs going, "Whaaaaaaaaaaaa?!?!?! That girl doesn't take a break from checking her e-mails for more than 10 minutes! Not possible!!!"
Well guess what Megs! I did it! A whole weekend of no internet. Well ok, I checked my e-mail 4 times this weekend. Once for each day! And it was grand.
Though I was able to disconnect myself from the computer and phone pretty much except for the phone calls to my parents and sister. Unfortunately, I was not able to pry myself from the television - that is when I wasn't hanging out with the Bambino, cleaning, or hanging clothes or folding clothes, doing the whole family thing during Christmas eve and day.
By the way I finally cleaned my room! As in, I actually folded and hung up my clothes that had been hanging out on the floor of my closet for the past month! or so. Give or take. ;o)
Back to the television. I curse it. I curse Gilmore Girls reruns. I curse Doctor Who. I curse Top Gear. I curse Netflix for sending me P.S. I love you and letting me like it! Curse the tv and it's whole exisitence! Because not once did I open up any of the magazines that I haven't read ALL. YEAR. LONG!

That's just one big stack. I have another stack waiting for me in my bedroom. Yikes! Can you see that I haven't opened some of them? They still have the plastic covering.

No wonder I'm a big blob of blubber.

Anyway, I'm very tempted to throw the tv out the back or put it in my brother's room. But then what about those times that I just really want to watch a girly flick? Or that new indie movie? Or crap tv? And then we get back into the cycle of me and the television and the whole not prying myself from the couch thing.

So that's where you come in lovely person who is reading this post of this wonderful, beautiful blog!

How long do you think I can go without watching the Boob Tube? One day? One week? One month? One second?

Rules: Me minus the TV for however long I can. That means no more Gilmore Girls and no more Doctor Who and no more Netflix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which means I'm going to have put a hold on my Netflix account and find a way to save the last episode of Doctor Who on my DVR. I'll also have to have my brother monitor my no watching of the tv. Though it doesn't count if I turn on the tele for the Bambino - I let him watch Sesame Street at night and a little bit in the morning to help me finish getting ready.
Leave a comment below and whoever is the closest will win a fabulous (undecided) prize from the beautiful islands of Hawai'i! Yes. It will be local. And it will be wonderful! I just don't know what it is yet.
I suppose I'll chronicle the developments of my non-television life. So you all can keep tabs. I think this will be a lot of fun!

Anyway, we'll get this no television party started tomorrow, Friday, January 1, 2010! And we'll keep it going for however long I can go without watching the TV. Oh and no this isn't a New Year Resolution. Just a fun thing for me to do. Though I am curious about yours - do share!


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