December 23, 2009

How do you holiday?

Looking for Santa.

We are holiday-ing like this:
  • Open gifts with friends Christmas Eve day;

  • Buy a last minute piece to go with the holiday gifts I purchased for my two aunts, my brother and my uncle;
  • Go to Christmas Eve dinner with Aunty L, Uncle T, Aunty Maka, Uncle Lou and the Bambino at Fancy McFadden in Paradise Island - we're going to a fancy restaurant for dinner which is great but it totally stresses me out when I have to get all gussied up for anything these days;
  • Christmas day - open presents with the Bambino;
  • Go to Christmas brunch with family (Nana Patty and the bunch) in Kailua;
  • Go to Christmas dinner with the same family we will be having Christmas Eve dinner;
  • Day after Christmas - sleep. Read. Write. Work on some freelance jazz.

Actually after Christmas I intend to come up with a plan where I don't buy people Christmas presents anymore except for my parents and the Bambino but still send the usual holiday card. Why do I need a plan? Because I know I'll probably end up spending money on other people anyway.

I'd really like to celebrate my Christmas like THIS.

Or like how we did in Boston. Lots of fun family time and no going out to fancy restaurants or having to split time between family. Knowing that good times will be had because everything is relaxed with a dash of chaos but the good kind. The kind where we sit around singing carols but mix up the words because we each have different carol song books.

And it's grand.

But I still look forward to spending time with our loving family here. It will be our first Hawaiian Christmas.

And you know who will be in town for Christmas on the beautiful island of Oahu in a wonderful town called Kailua?

Our President that's who.

Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka Obama familia!

Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka to you all!

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