December 16, 2009

Holy Crazy Life Batman!

Things at the Restless Mama and Bambino house have been a bit busy but in a good way.

I've been pretty busy with my full time job and my freelancing. It's been odd not being able to regularly post something here. But I don't feel guilty about it - I just miss it. The writing. The posting photos. The ranting and raving.

But I have been sending some mobile photos of the Bambino to my Tumblr and Posterous accounts. I still update Facebook. Every now and then I have a moment to check on my Tweeps (yep, I just went Tweeky Twitter on you!!). So I haven't totally let go of my narcissistic ways. *wink*

I love me some mircoblogging but it's just hard to find time to keep the motivation and momentum of writing. Especially during the holidays.

Oh yeah about that. So funny thing. I knew what I was getting for my favorite people on the mainland. I can't say what I got them because they read this blog but I go them at craft fairs, from one of my websites and a little aisle from Target. Oh and my theme? Well the awesome thing about living in Hawaii or any foreign place is that you can make a foreign theme out of your holiday gifts. But it's especially great when you live in Hawaii because what American doesn't like a good gift from the beautiful South Pacific islands of Hawai'i? Yeah, I thought so. So my favorite people are getting a little treat of aloha this holiday season. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!

The only thing? The one thing? The it? Is that I don't have any shipping money. I mean yeah I totally saved on those gifts that I bought because I shopped locally. But yeah I forgot about the shipping part. The part where you need to have that extra cash to send those gifts to those far-away-lands because HEY! You don't live on the mainland anymore! You live on an island! Far, far away from any continent! Far away from your favorite people!

So my sister and cousins in Massachusetts? LATE! My best friends in Seattle and Spokane, WA? LATE! My beloved surrogate family in Norway? LATE! Oh and my Philadelphia family who celebrate Hannukah? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY LATE!

Don't even get me started on my holiday cards. The cute little Hawaiian themed holiday cards! LATE! Because I don't have any stamps to put on them.

Yep. This part of being a single mom. The part where you're pretty much dirt poor because a) you live in Hawai'i, b) have a priority to feed and clothe that beloved little person and c) your full time job doesn't pay all that well - yeah that part? That part sucks donkey balls!

Donkey. Balls! Donkey balls!

But hey. It's the thought that counts, right?

Errrrr....I suppose. I hate being late. The only people that I'm not going to be late for are my parents - the most important besides the Bambino - who by the way I still haven't decided if I'm going to get this toy or that toy. And my family here on the islands.

Oh but wait. I still haven't gotten gifts for two people. [BIG sigh of disappointment in self] I'll get them this weekend but I hate, hate, HATE shopping during this time of the year. I learned a few years ago that shopping in December is crazy. Like insane asylum crazy. Like I want to not only rip out my hair but the person standing next to me in line or the person grabbing the same thing as I am. Shopping in December is for the crazy people! So yeah. I'm going to be one of those people this weekend.

So to my favorite people on the mainland and lands far away. How about a HAPPY NEW YEAR! present?

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