October 26, 2009

With a click of a heel

Whack my head with a paddle and tear my heart out with your bare hands
Just make sure you take me home.
My eyes want to scream and my feet want to shout
Please take me home.
The hands won't take no for an answer and my mouth can't think
How will I get home?
His tears wet my shirt and he yanks it to pieces
I'm supposed to be his home.
My stomach reaches out and shoulders fall apart
Home was supposed to be stronger than that.
The cup is empty and the plate is full
I hunger and die thirsty for home.
My body lies still in fear while my mind twitches for peace
Where is my home?
Firm footsteps lead the way and the fanciful dreams stay behind
Home is in my sight
The street light brightens and the door opens
Is this home?

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