October 29, 2009

Patriotistm, schmatriotism

I recently received an e-mail talking about the "Eid" (a Muslim holiday) postage stamp and how we Americans should boycott it because apparently ALL Muslims are terrorists. To use such a stamp to mail a letter would be unpatriotic.


Then what about the Catholics? Should we not boycott stamps with any of the Popes or Madonna & child on it as well? You know because of the Inquisition. Though it didn't happen in the U.S. - it happened, many people died and many were expelled from their home. And that is not at all what America is about...right?

How about Protestants/Puritans? Many were killed on American soil because they were...witches! Perhaps we shouldn't celebrate Halloween? Perhaps we should ban Protestants?

Or wait, how about this: boycott any and all types of businesses, religious groups, and communities in the whole of the United States because really...this land belongs to the Native Americans. How about that? We could just give back the land to them and then the WE can live on RESERVATIONS! Tax free and autonomous government. How does that sound?

Oo oo!! I might even take it further and tell all of the non-native Hawaiians to get off of the islands - go Akaka bill on them. You know because the United States of America stepped on the Hawaiian soil and said, "Hey! Let's imprison this land's Queen and take over the territory and gain money off of it. Leave the natives poor and full of syhpillis. That sounds pretty patriotic - not at all like the founding fathers were trying to escape. Right?"

Another bothersome note in the e-mail was that the issuance of this stamp was directed by President Obama.


This stamp has been around for about eight years or so. If my memory serves me right Obama was not the incumbent president EIGHT years ago, was he?

Just askin'.

Now some of you know how I feel about religion and I'll most likely never reveal my political views (at least on here) but I am very, very, VERY against people spreading hate messages regarding a people's faith and/or political views. I'm also very, very, VERY against publicly ridiculing our country's representative (even if I don't like them) because we're obviously not the president for a good reason.

You tell me if you're able to step into the Oval Office and do Mr. Obama's (or any of the past presidents') job for even 5 minutes. If you're capable of doing such a task then maybe, MAYBE you'll be able to say a few trashy words but not publicly, not through an e-mail, not through any venue actually. Just to yourself. To do so publicly is the true step against patriotism.

Last time I checked we were still a free country so I think all of the presidents have done their job. But if you don't like the president so much then get involved in your communities government and then work your way to your own presidency.

So whoever generated the rumor is the person who is not at all what this country stands for and is therefore one of the most unpatriotic persons to be on U.S. soil.

Just sayin'.

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