October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day - Climate Change

I wish I were an expert when it came to environmental issues but sadly I am not but THESE GUYS pretty much are.

So rather than preach what I've preached before I'll just tell you a bit about two fellas who are trying to make a difference when it comes to environmental issues.

Down to Earth, based in Spokane, Washington, writers Paul Dillon and Bart Mihailovich have been covering topics relating to climate change locally and globally for three years; though their focus is more local.  Being a person who has more of a global way of thinking I also think it's important to grasp the local roots.  Actually, I admire them greatly for focusing on the area that is around them.

These fellas are not just writers though, they are activists.  They participate in town meetings, local events, anything that has to do with their community to encourage people to care and do something.  A river clean-up?  They're there but they're not only there - they're leading.  Land developers want to dump waste that will contaminate an area of land (and the people living around it) that floods every year?  They are there to cover and research the story to the end, even if it takes 2+ years.  Locavore challenge?  They're on it.  These two guys are pioneers.

So if you want to start to make a difference take example from the writers of Down to Earth by how they are trying to make their community a better place.  Spokane is their home and they're doing all that they can to make it sustainable and green.  Which will make it one less place to worry about when it comes to who's contributing to climate change.  They are showing that in order to stop global warming we need to think locally first to contribute anything globally.

P.S.  They now have a printed version of DTE so if you live in the Spokane area click HERE to check the locations where you can pick up a copy otherwise click on the same link to contact someone to have them mail a copy to you.  The issue is printed twice a year; spring and fall.  Also, they have a few other contributors to the site: DwellWellNW, The Eco-Traveler, and Year of Plenty.

What is your local initiative to stop climate change?

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