September 8, 2009


Here's how our weekend went in bullets:
  • Friday cried to my mama - sometimes a gal just needs to let it all out to her mom
  • Read and researched
  • Watched a Lifetime movie......NEVER AGAIN!
  • Saturday Girls/Moms Night Out - good food, good friends - sorry no photos
  • Sunday some light cleaning
  • Aunty came over to help plan for the Bambino's birthday party....why did I not tap into that resource earleir?  She's a planning genius!!!
  • Went out to some yummy Thai lunch and the Bambino ate some: cucumber salad and chicken ong choi
  • Managed to learn that I never stopped being a daughter
  • Gave the Bambino his first bottle of whole milk.....paid for that the rest of the weekend in copious smelly diaper changes......hope that doesn't mean he's lactose intolerant!
  • Started my laundry on Sunday but totally forgot about it so had to redo on Monday (thank goodness for the 3-day weekend!)
  • Got angry with Blogger because I can't find the "Video" upload button
  • Monday - cleaned some more, finished laundry, walked to the town center, sweated like a hairy beast, and did some light reading....though I really just wanted to READ and READ the WHOLE weekend
  • Unfortunately did not recognize Labor Day at all......kinda weird.

What did you do this weekend?

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