September 8, 2009

A Photo

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Dear Bambino,

Since mama didn't get her act together in pre-writing some posts she is left to leave you with one of her favorite photos of you.

Mama's friend Meghan had sent you a package filled with a few books and a fun Spinner toy. You immediately went for the book you have in your hand in this photo - you loved the texture and crinkling sound that it made.

I really love your smile and excitement in this photo - it's soooooo you! I also love how you're totally excited about a book!

When I read to you, you sometimes try to grab the book out of my hand and turn the pages yourself but you still hold the book up to my face so that I will read the words to you. It's super cute when you do this.

My hope is to read to you throughout your childhood and that you'll enjoy reading. Your Poppie used to read to your mama everynight before bed - that's a tradition that I'd like to keep alive.

Here's to reading and one of mama's favorite photos of you.


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