September 21, 2009

Wait...did we just have a birthday?

Dear Bambino,

Your FIRST birthday in a nutshell:

We woke up at 6:00 am.

I sang Happy Birthday to you while you smiled and giggled.

Then I gave you a good birthday tickle. I love to hear you laugh.

And then I brought you out to the birthday setup - high chair with decorations from by Popi and Tutu and all of the presents that they sent you plus the one gift that I got you, and your 1st big boy breakfast which consisted of scrambeled egg yolk, turkey bacon, crescent roll, and extremely diluted guava juice.

You thought the birthday hat was a little silly and very confusing. I thought you wanted me to take it off of you but you freaked out when I did. So I put it back on you for you to play with.
After I put it back on you. Look at all those gifts you got form Popi & Tutu!!

Yay! for silly birthday hats! Your first big boy breakfast. You couldn't care less for the scrambeled eggs but you LOVED the crescent roll and turkey bacon.

Yum yum breakfast!

What you REALLY loved was the guava juice - even though it was totally watered down. You couldn't get enough of it. You also got a kick out of your new big boy cup with a straw.

You made out like a bandit with presents from Tutu & Popi. You got a Peter Rabbit book, Peter Rabbit doll, Baby Seal doll from Alaska, a little wooden puppet from Italy, books & a toy car from Harrods in London, some fun beach clothes, a toy football (that you took a big chunk out of while I cooked you breakfast), and the best gift of all (in my eyes at least) a college fund. WOW! They really, really love you Bambino.The loot.

This framed poster was my gift to you. I didn't want to get you toys because I can get those for you any day. No books because you've plenty of books and again...I can get those any time for you. I searched and searched for the perfect gift - something sentimental but not overdone. Then I found this. The lady who worked with me on it was so patient and enthusiastic about this poster. I love it. I never got to do a proper birth announcement for you so this is it. The cute and sweet details of your birth in a frame.

After the excitement of singing happy birthday!, eating your first big boy breakfast, opening presents, eating presents, and cleaning up - we just hung out for a bit. You played around with some of your new toys but you also did your usual hang out routine - which meant following mama around the house. I had just set up the present to photograph them when you decided to pop your cute little one-year-old head up to be photographed! You really love the camera.

Then Aunty Amber & your girl friend Delyla stopped by to drop off a present for you. Here you are reading the card. You really had fun with this card and enjoyed the taste of it. You chew on the funninest things little one.

After that we all went for a walk. We stopped by Starbucks and here you are reading the New York Times - just like your mama does.

After some lunch and napping it was time to head out to Nana Patty's house for the BBQ she was putting together for you. Here are the beautiful cupcakes that she made for you.

I just fell in love with the look of these cupcakes. Aren't they cute? All for you my love.
Mmmmmmmmm...cupcakes! Little did I know later that night after we sand Happy Birthday! to you that would have nothing to do with them. You were so tired by the time we got to the good stuff. So sorry my love.
Us. That lei is really for you but since it was too long mama wore it for you. I wish this weren't so blurry but the memory of yesterday never will be.
You played with your friends; Delyla, Kaira, & Kiani. They all love you so much. They did nothing but give you kisses and hugs. Unfortunately for them you were more entralled with the ball or other toys to be concerned about hugs and kisses. Though I'm sure deep down inside you felt the love and totally appreciated it.

You also did some things on your own. You looooooooooooove this toy. It makes lots of sounds and music. Perfect for your party theme. Anyway I love to watch you play because have such focus when you take on a task.

You look very innocent and sweet in this photo.
The beautifully decorated lanai that your Nana Patty, Aunty Kim, and Kiani did for you. I wish I had taken photos of them for you to see. We did get some good video footage so I'll share that later.
Flying vinyl.
Music pop!

The spread. Us again. I thought I'd throw in one more photo of us. It was such a special day. You were so great even with all of the new stimuli that you were exposed to - you were such a trooper. We didn't get a chance to get some cake smothered all over your face but you seemed to enjoy the sweetness of the frosting. You were too excited to eat any food but you still ate a bit.

It was a great birthday relaxed but full of love and family.

You probably won't remember but I hope that you had a blast and liked your special day.

You are so special my little love.

Thank you for being born my little Bambino!



Thank you to everyone who sent their happy birthday wishes to the Bambino. Special thanks to Nana Patty, Uncle Roy, Uncle Lou, Aunty Kim, Uncle Tony, Kiani, Kaira, Aunty Amber, Delyla, Aunty Megs, and Popi & Tutu for sharing such palpable love yesterday.

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