September 22, 2009

Bambino & Cup Cake

Dear Bambino,

Yesterday, the day after your FIRST! birthday, I gave you your first cup cake as soon as we got home. Seriously. I took your high chair outside, plopped you in it, grabbed a cup cake and placed in front of you.

And this is what happened:

You gave it a little tap and got some frosting on your hands. Thought about going in for another reach.

Here you are going in for another touch of the cup cake.

Hmmm....not too bad. A little different. A little weird but not bad.

The smoosh test - do I like it? Do I not? Let's smoosh it on my palm and see. it's on my fingers. How do I get it off?

Oh! That's how. Mmmmm...this is a bit tasty.

Seriously, what is this stuff? It's sweet, delicious, flaky, and gooey all at the same time!

Whatever it is I like it!

How about another bite? See if I can get some on my face this time.

Yeah, I look a little like I've been working in the coal mine....

What's this lady doin' taking my photo space? This is a baby only zone woman!
Great now she's trying to like the yummy stuff off my face.
Now it's my turn. I'm going to eat her face!! Rawrrrrrrrr!!!
Well, maybe I'll share some with her. She looks hungry.
Nah...I'll just eat this big chunk of whatever - she doesn't need this I figure. Though...she is eyein' it pretty bad. Nope, not sharing. This is MINE! Hmmm...I think I'll share some with her camera lens.
It sure did look like you were having a good time with the cup cake. Sorry we did your cake so late on your birthday - next time we'll definitely sing happy birthday! and let you eat your cake earlier in the day.

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