September 9, 2009

If I had a million dollars

Dear Bambino,

Below is a list of things I would do for you if I had a $1,000,000.00 in my bank account:
  • I would throw you multiple 1st birthday parties, one on your birthday here in Hawai'i, one in Seattle with Poppie & Tutu, Aunty Megs, Aunty Brooke, Aunt Lucy, Aunt Carol & Uncle Hyatt, and maybe even Uncle Paul and then another one in Massachusetts with the Hanlon clan and Kerri & Taylor - invite the Yatvins, oh and then we could finish up in Norway with mama's old host family & friends.  Oh and how cool would it be if I could get a band like Modest Mouse or The Shins to perform for you?;
  • Start a 529 Savings Plan that you could use for your education (preferred) or to travel around the world;
  • Enroll you in a Waldorf School;
  • Open a savings account for you that would start with $5,000.00 - how's that for starting off well?;
  • Put some of it aside for any clubs and activities that you'll fancy doing in the future;
  • The best kid furniture in town; and
  • Buy us a house with your own room and tailor it to your liking (or what I think you would like until you were old enough to tell me otherwise) and make sure we have plenty of land for you to run-a-muck...that is when you learn to run;
I'm sure more will come up with time but that's what I would do right now. 

All I ever want to do is provide the best for you and I'm finally growing up and doing my best to do so.

All my love to my little love Big love,


1 comment:

Amber, The Unlikely Mama said...

Oh how I wish we could aford one of those "alternative" schools.


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