August 3, 2009

Retraction & Cuteness

I'd like to retract my previous statement of the laziness and selfishness of my little brother.

He is a "typical" (I use quotations because he's actually more mature and cooler than other 16-year-olds) teenager when it comes to doing housework and wanting to have his own "me" time. Uncle Lou, that's what we call him, is great about doing things around the house once you ask him. He's also great at entertaning the Bambino. In fact, the Bambino adores his uncle and I like to think vice versa.

Proof; they were hanging out in my room while I did some weeding outside (photos of that coming soon and one project checked off of my list): Oh the cute sweetness of it all!
The Bambino is such a snuggler. This is how they were when I came in to check on them. Snuggled up next to each other. It was too cute to pass up. Kudos to my brother for being such a good sport about me taking photos of him being a softy uncle.
The Bambino givin' the camera some love and Uncle Lou about to make a *pop* sound. The babe loves it when his uncle makes that shound.



Melissa said...

Those are such sweet pictures. Any pictures of Soren with my brother always warm my heart. Don't you love brothers!

Restless Mama said...

I really do love brothers. They pretty much rock.


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