July 30, 2009

My dream house

I was fantasizing about living back in Seattle or more specifically Bainbridge Island - that's where I'd want to live if I moved back to Washington State. It's close to the ferry to Seattle (where I'd want to work) and close enough to my parents so that they can visit me & the Bambino and vice versa. So, as I was fantasizing and searching through apartments and houses that I'd like to rent I decided to take my dreams a little further and peruse the real estate for sale section.

Some houses were clean, modern and very simply which I enjoy and then there was this house:I love, love, LOVE old houses. My last place (Salem, MA) was built in 1854 and habitated by an Irish rope maker. I loved the farmer's sink, the garden, the fact that I even had some kind of land outside my door, the quirky fireplace. It was such a cute little cottage but not very toddler friendly.
Back to the other house: it's a beautiful early 1900's house with plenty of space for a family (even my 2 person family would be comfortable and welcomed in this huge space - I mean who knows maybe I will add on to this family?). It has gorgeous lands with an organic garden, trees that could be eaten, and sneak peek views of the Washington State Ferries.
Actually, I love the street that it's on, I once babysat for a family on the same road and I instantly fell in with their housee too. They had had so much sun light coming into that place but it was still breezy. Their children could run-amuck on their little bit of property. AND they could easily walk to the ferries to have some fun in the city. So...awesome neighborhood.
From the looks of the pictures it looks like this house gets some great light too:
But screw the lighting (although that's very important to me, I hate living in a dungeon) take a look at why I fell in love with the house:
I'm not in love with the pink but I love the paneled walls, built-in shelf, and door. It's such a perfect place for a child to create in with the beautiful views outside, hide in away from the noise of the main floor, and just grow up in.

If we lived here this is where the Bambino would hang out. I love the color, although if he wanted a different color I'd be cool with it but I would have a good couple of years before he developed and voiced his decorating opinions. Seriously folks, would not a child just love sleeping and being in that room?

I guess the main reason I love and now deeply yern for this house is because it reminds me of the farmhouse in Norway. Besides being snuggled up next to the Bambino or by the ocean that Norway farmhouse is my most favorite place to be in the world. When I was at the farmhouse I just felt like I had been there before; everything felt so familiar. Even though I'm just looking at this house through photos I still feel like it would be a great home - something I hope to provide for the Bambino someday.

Though I'd fix the bathroom wallpaper and a few other things - it would be a fun project that house. How fun would it be to maintain the organic garden and enjoy the juicy freshness of everything that we pulled up? I'm thinking pretty lickin' good fun.

So why is this house up for sale? This beautiful dream home? The family's children are enrolled in a Waldorf School in northern California in September hence the migration and needing to sell.

If you're interested in purchasing the home click here for more information I will half hate and half love whoever buys the place. I will loathe them because they are living in my dream home but I will adore them for helping out the family and wanting to not just live in but cherish that house as much as I imagine I would.

A gal can dream.

Are you living in your dream house?


Megsy said...

Really, the rents not bad for what you get. You could rent the MIL apartment for $1000 and have the house for you and Aidan. Cheap Cheap. DO IT.

C @ Kid Things said...

That's a beautiful house. We're renting right now, but I can't wait until the day we actually own our home. One with a fenced in backyard and lots of light. Everything else can always be fixed up.

fancy face said...

that is a lovely home!! unfortunately i am not living in my dream home. everyone has to start somewhere. i call this home the "practice run." I luv taking on a home improvement project. Did I mention I re-painted my entire kitchen and will re-face my kitchen cabinets. oh the joy! i hope your dreams come true....


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