August 20, 2009

11 Months

Bambino Stats

Height/length - I'm guessing somewhere between 28" to 31"?

Weight - A solid 20 lbs

Teeth - Six with two on their way

Current Health - Teething and a cold (which was onset by the teething)

Favorite Foods - Grilled Miso Salmon, anything chicken, tofu, Gerber Puffs, fresh bananas, mangoes, and papayas, green beans, squash, white rice (he's learning to like the brown rise texture) and popsicles.

Motor Skills - (Gross) Crawling, cruising, walks with push toy, and takes steps at the babysitters but not with me. (Fine) Point, pinch, wave, pull and well my nipples would say that he's got a strong bite - even though he's no longer nursing....yep he's a biter.

Breastmilk vs. Formula - Completely off the boob. The lactating ladies went out of business when he was 6 months but we still snuck in a few nursing sessions when nothing else would console him. He likes his formula nice and warm - but will tolerate cold milk when he's at the beach.

Words - Hi, mama, ball, butt (but he means book).

Favorite things to do - Going for walks with Aunty Amber and his girlfriend Delyla, jogging with mama, being tickled, laughing, banging things on the sliding doors (actually anything), looking at himself in the mirror, swiming with mama at Ko'olina, eating, eating, eating, going to Aunty Roses house (his babysitter) and playing with his daycare friends, hanging out with Uncle Lou and Uncle Eloy, listening to mama sing, listening to music (especially the Gilmore Girls theme song), bathing, taking off his clothes and leaving them on his head like a hat, watching Baby Einstein, trying to take mama's camera out of her hand when she's taking pictures, getting his picture taken, snuggle, looking at books and giving them to mama to read and eating, eating, eating (especially whatever mama's eating or whatever he finds on the ground or floor).

And in one month he'll be ONE.

P.S. Old Goat & Tutu this is the video I've been trying to send you the past few weeks. Love.

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