July 24, 2009

Wishing for what is not...

...but could be - just gotta work my ass off!

Here I am now:
Very, very round face...definitely lookin' heavy.

The arms! Oh the horror of the flabby arms! Thankfully, the dress and the Bambino hide my stomach - not a pretty sight. Right now I weigh 221 lbs. Ack, just a few pounds away from my pregnancy weight! The heaviest I've ever been. It's not pretty or healthy.

Here's how I looked at 8 months pregnant:
Not too fat lookin' - good and preggers. Sorry Brooke, I know you hate this picture - blame the fact that I didn't take very many preggo pictures with the Bambino so I had very few choices (an actual regret that I have - well if I ever have more then I will have learned my lesson). I'm about 215 lbs here.

Here I am a few months after my return from Norway:
With the Workman Cousins: Micah, me, Charity, and Faith. Not too shabby, I came back from Norway weighing around 155 lbs. and gained a few more like 10 around this time. Don't my cousins look like models? Yeah, they're gorgeous.
Here I am just before leaving Norway (forgive the goofy look, I wasn't really into have my picture taken):

Right before I left Norway I weighed around 190 lbs and left weighing 155-160 lbs, which was awesome. Credit to the massive amounts of walking, cross country skiing, and eating healthier than I did in college. It was also helpful to live with such an active family and surrounded by fresh out of high school gal friends who still had their fresh out of high school bodies.

Speaking of high school bodies; here I am at 14-years-old:Now some of you may say to yourself - 14? Why are you posting a photo of yourself at 14?!?!?! Well folks, this is what I looked like throughout high school. I left weighing 130 lbs. I wore a size 10 (I had a J-Lo bum), played soccer 6 days a week (Fridays were off days) for 2 hours each day. During the summer I'd always lose around 10 lbs because we played more often and had tournaments with multiple games a day on the weekends. So, it was easier for me to stay in shape.

What happened? No self-discipline happened. As soon as I left for college I gained the weight. No parents to monitor when I had candy or how many breakfast sandwiches I could eat. Actually, I did a lot of ups and downs during my days at university - sometimes I was able to lose it and sometimes it just stuck. Before I left for Norway it definitely stuck. It also didn't help that when I turned 21 I drank like a lush and ate like there was no tomorrow. Basically, my lifestyle wasn't beneficial for me at all.

After having the Bambino (in Boston) I was losing some of the baby weight because I was breastfeeding the Bambino, didn't have time to eat (which totally frusturated the milk production), commuted to work which meant I would walk up and down Beacon Hill's, Joy Street, everyday and walked home from the train station everynight. And then....

I moved to Hawai'i, land of the plenty papayas and...lau lau, almost everykind of asian foods, kalua pig, rice, rice, rice, manapua, musubi, mochi, and did I mention rice? And with the driving everywhere, sitting on my ass at a desk all day, and no more Baby Boot Camp (sad, so, so sad) I was bound to get F-A-T!

So now I have a goal and a mission.

Coming soon to a scale near you: Project Goal Weight.

What do you do to stay in shape?


fancy face said...

FIRST OF ALL you're still an amazing beautiful woman!!!!

To answer your question: i think what motivates me is shooting for something i never thought i would do (1/2 marathon Disneyland this summer). First: REGISTER, Second: PAY for it, then TRAIN for it and the end result...an ACCOMPLISHMENT.

Tip: Instead of your chair @ work. Sit @ your desk with one of those round balls to help with balance and work the core.

The Starfish said...

You start a blog with your best Stafish and keep each other motivated. Lets do this! Love you!

Melissa said...

I remember those choir dresses!!!

Now to the point- I remember the frustrations of commuting AND having a desk job. And that was without having a baby! I remember I tried to take a 10 minute break every hour, even if it was just to walk to another floor, make copies, walk up and down the stairs instead of the elevator, ect..

After I left San Fran, I got a dog. That honestly helped me get back in shape. You know I'm not a runner, but walking was great. ANd that dog needs LOTS of walking (30 min - 1hr 2xs a day). Its not realistic for you to get a dog, with your life so full right now. But I'm sure the Bambino likes stroller rides.

Anonymous said...



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