July 23, 2009

Fotes: Unpicniked

Some random raw photos of the Bambino and moi - though I do plan on fixing them I just wanted to share them the public.

Here's the Bambino crawling around trying to get to my camera - I like that he looks a bit like me in this photo. Yes, that is correct I want my child to look like me, I mean how else are people going to believe that this beautiful, peach bum Bambino was shot out of a polynesian's va-jay-jay? Perhaps it's time to do a photo comparison of me and the babe?
Heia for Poulsbo, my little Norway. I miss home. The Bambino's Poppie, the Bambino, and I went walking around downtown; it was cold but sunny. Forgive me for being less creative with the words but I'm just not drinking the word juice right now. Anyway, I loved walking downtown with my dad and the Bambino - my two favorite fellas. We miss you Poppie! (and Grammy Tutu)
Me and the Bambino again. I posted this to show how I had almost lost the majority of the babyweight: my face was almost back to normal, my legs, definitely not the tummy in fact that's where the leftovers were hanging. So it was awesome I was on a good path to losing the poundage until I came to Hawai'i where I sit on my ass at a desk all day, DRIVE to and from work (versus the commuting and walking that I used to do), and well I also went OVERBOARD with the food. It had been 10 years since I had tasted the goodness of my homeland in my homeland. What's a girl to do? Start a new project but that's in the makings right now so more shall be revealed later.

How do I get this thing to open? The Bambino loves to play with his food and he's so great at trying to figure things out. Fortunately he wasn't able to open the jar of baby food but I suspect that if I handed him one everyday, he'd figure out within a week. Anyway, he made sweet music banging his spoon on the jar - do I sense a rockstar in the making?
You can't tell very well but he's playing with some oatmeal I slabbed on the tray. He was getting irriated with me so I just showed him who was boss but throwing some food on his tray so that he could have free reign on the messiness. Happy 4th of July Bambino.
I feel as happy as a donkey named Eeor! Seriously mom, do you need to continute to take these incessant self portraits of us? Do you not realize that I want to drool and chew on your camera until it is malfunctioning so that you STOP with the photo taking? Do you get it ma? Plus I don't like that it looks like I have girl hair. In fact when I'm older I'll get you back for even posting this photo. Can you say dentures?
He really does love me, I swear.

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fancy face said...

in the first pic. i definitely saw you in his eyes before i even read what it said:o) u r this boy's mama for sure.


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