July 14, 2009

What's been happening around here? Part One

A few photos with a few words and then more words.

Two Kamakas doing the bath thing. This was taken last night, the benefit of living in Hawai'i is that almost everyday is warm enough to bathe outside, hence the reason why you see so many people on the beach. I decided that I was going to actually give the Bambino a bath outside, since it was nice enough and warm enough to do so. He loves it! I wish I had a camcorder to record his actions. Last night I brough out a big pot that was filled with the hot water (I filled his tub with half hot and cold water) leaving some of the hot water in it. The Bambino decided it would be a good place to put his bath toys in; that is why I wish I had a camcorder. Every time he put his toys in the pot I would put it back in the tub and then the process would start all over again.
Anyway, what's happening in this photos is Aunty Maka is about to kiss the Bambino with the frog bath toy and he's getting ready for the big smooch.
A little Picnik treat. Here's the Bambino putting his toys into the pot I was talking about above.

A little blurry but still shows that the Bambino truly enjoys looking at himself in the mirror but also loves to do a good little pose for the camera. I think we've got a Zoolander in the making. Seriously. Everytime I take his pacifier out of his mouth he makes a "Blue Steel" face. Anyway, who could blame him for looking at his reflection? He's really stinkin' cute!

This past Sunday was really, really warm. A perfect day to go to the beach but I had too many things to do around the house. To make up for it, I setup the Bambino's bathtub outside (I also need a kiddie pool for the babe) and had him cool off outside. I threw in his bath toys and he started having a ball! At first he didn't enjoy the temperature of the water, it was too cold...mean mommy I am for not checking the COLD water before I place a BOY baby in it. Sorry Bambino! After the water warmed up a bit he was a much happier baby and started having fun.

This is his, "Are you sure you're getting me at a good angle?" face.

Rubber duckys taste like buttah!

Come and join me mama and check out my baby farmer's tan!

Stay tuned for photos and stories of a visit from my friend from Oz.

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