July 21, 2009

Tersha Brown, Rest in Peace

Tersha Brown

I met Tersha in Mr. Breaky's (sp? can't remember that far back) 6th grade class at Poulsbo Elementary School. To me she was the kind of girl that I wanted to compete with, be friends with, and just plain ole hang out with. The girl was full of spunk and just couldn't be stopped.

I"ll be honest and say that I don't remember what she was like in high school, mainly because she switched schools (though she would come visit and hang out with the NK crowd every so often) but also because we weren't close friends. Regardless, I knew her, I feel for her family and she deserves to be honored and respected.

The reason I feel for her family because I look at her passing from a few perspectives: as a 26-year-old girl who was in a toxic relationship, a sibling, and as a mother. I'm not totally confident that Tersha was in a toxic relationship but I'm assuming so considering how she passed but I'm so thankful that in my last relationship, with all of the toxicity both parties were able to come out not alive but also not totally damaged by it.

As a sibling, I'm not sure how crazy I would get if anyone hurt my brother or sister - ballistic I'm sure but perhaps beyond that. My family is my life and I'd want to do anything I can to protect them. A huge part of me would feel as though my heart had been ripped out of my chest and my head would feel as though it's on fire.

Then as a mother...a tsunami of emotions would consume me with the news of hearing that my child had not only passed but killed by another human being. The thought of anyone wanting to hurt anyone is unfathomable to me and so the news would not be real at first. Whoever is telling me this is joking right? Anyway, I won't get too into it but I imagine that if my child ever passed it would feel like a huge, HUGE part of me would be dead. I'm hoping I never have to go through that.

So to Tersha Brown, I hope that you are able to find some peace and are in a place of serenity but still bustin' out your gentle and fireball personality.

For Tersha's family, my hope is that you are not only able to find peace but continue to have hope in humanity.

To read the Kitsap Sun article please click here.

(Image from the Kitsap Sun)

***Update: In lieu of flowers for her family they request that you donate to the Kitsap County YWCA in support of women seeking help out of abusive relationships.***

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Megan said...

I never fail to be saddened by the violence and cruelty that exists in this world. Life is precious. And this hideous act leaves use mourning the loss of an amazing woman. I cannot believe it. She will be missed.


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