June 1, 2009

My sanctury

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Yes indeed my idea of a sanctury are my headphones. I can tune out the world and listen to my music and fantasize of another world. On the days that I have Charles Mingus playing I imagine myself in a world where I sport a flapper dress (I am of course back to my high school weight) and go jazz club hopping in Chicago. Or when I listen to Modest Mouse I picture myself at the Showbox mosh pitting and feeling the stanky sweat of Isaac Brock. Then when I listen to Snook I picture myself back in Oslo toting Aidan and hanging out with my friends.

It's amazing what these little guys can do for me; they create such aural pleasure. I loved to listen to Animal Collection on the train to work when we were in Boston, especially the drum beats of Purple Bottle and sweet sound of Winter's Love, they're the perfect commuting music. Going to work on the Commuter Rail was the perfect time for me to escape to whatever world I wanted while I read one of my baby magazines or Vanity Fair.

Now that we're in Hawai'i I listen to my music in the car and while I can still listen to music, it just isn't the same without my head phones. I cannot drift off into my own little Neverland before I enter the doors of my office (gotta pay attention to the roads). Plus when I get home I don't dare put on my headphones because I need to be able to listen for the bambino. So I miss my head phones. They now reside in a dark drawer longing to be placed on my head and cup my ears but alas our longing for each other must wait.

One day my sweet headphones, we'll be reunited.

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