June 9, 2009

Mucus. Plug. Mucus Plug.

***Warning if you do not like the word mucus and plug in the same sentence and are not aware (& afraid) of the details involved with birthing then I would recommend you not read this post.***

Having sworn off coffee so that I can lose weight (I've cut off many other things and am incorporating exercise...just in case you thought I was a nutter who though that cutting off ONLY coffee from my life was going to let me drop 50 lbs instantly) I sometimes find it difficult to get through the afternoon hump.

So today I caved and made myself a cup 'o Joe with all the fixins. Let me tell you though, I didn't really need to (and I haven't taken a sip of it yet...yay me....but I will....so bad me) because of my fondness for the site Dooce.com. Heather Armstrong, aka Mother of the Mommy Blogs, is soon to have her 2nd child and today she decided to post about her MUCUS PLUG!!!!!!!!!! That's right I just hyperlinked it for you so you can learn about the wonderful that is mucus plug. I'll let you Google your own image if you'd like a reference.

Anyway, I sat at my desk laughing hysterically reading the post because she's writing about mucus plug, how her daughter found the sample, and the poor nickname that she had given her husband in the post. Sometimes I wish that I would've been so honest while posting about my pregnancy but I thought that my mucus plug was disgusting and no one in my direct line of contact wants to know about it.

So, I'm thankful for Heather's honesty and work day pick me up. I shall now enjoy my creamy, sugary, oh so java-y coffee.

You can read the post here.

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Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com said...

I loved that post too. Although it did make me think HM, WHAT HAVE I DONE? I'm not looking forward to the mucus plug thing one.little.bit.


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