June 8, 2009

Having a Picnik

Want to be able to edit your photos without having to purchase the oh so expensive Adobe Photoshop? Well, Flickr provides a great tool - Picnik. You can upload your photos and have all the fun you want with editing your photos...for free and without having to register! A commitment free photo-editing site! Who knew that existed. Though if you would like to use their premium tools then you do have to pay $24.95 a year...that's right a year! What's that about $2 a month? Steal.
Below is an example of a photo I took in the summer of 2007 when my parents were visiting me in Boston. We were driving around looking for something to do when they saw a pow wow going on. Feeling annoyed that we were going to be checking this out I just decided to take pictures to show my annoyance of being there. In the end I took some great photos and had a great time listening to the music and watching the people dance.


Isn't that kid a cutie? Sure he looks like he's giving me the "Don't take my picture, eye" but I love this shot. Anyway, check out the website and have a ball playing with all of the neat effects and tools that they have to offer.


Meandering Bohemian said...

Now this is cool!

He wears Nature Babycare Diapers. said...

Thanks James!

aussiechic said...

That is a great tip about Flickr - you know I have noticed alot of bloggers use it. I have a Mac and use iPhoto - which is great because it allows me to do the same stuff.....however storage can be an issue.... so this is a great tip!!!!


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