March 17, 2009

In April we Shout

Hey folks! Since April is quickly approaching (I can't believe Aidan will already be 6 months this Friday 3/20) I just wanted to share that I will be dedicating each week in April to a certain cause or issue. What will they be you ask? Check them out:
  1. Organ Donation
  2. School development in Rwanda
  3. S.I.D.S
  4. Earth Day/Week

Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey! Very cool! Thanks for asking how the Rwanda project is going ... quite honestly, I need to check in with my uncle again. The website has had more than 700 hits since it was created, and we have found a school in California that will be starting a pen pal program with the kids at the Rwandan school.

Last I heard from my uncle, we had just gotten an extremely generous single donation of 10,000 USD from a private individual and he had gotten the green light to give presentations at a number of different churches in Washington and California, but I am not sure where we stand on exact dollar total for the moment.

Many, many thanks for helping us get the word out!


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