March 15, 2009

Explorer Baby

I'm going to go find me an adventure!

I know that someday when Aidan's old enough we'll get out and explore the world. Even though we've been to Seattle and are now in Hawai'i and he's meet hundreds of new people in the last month, which for some babies can be overwhelming, Aidan is loving the new faces and places. It's so great that he's a social baby right now because I think it's going to be important for when he's older. He loves staring at all of the new faces; studying them which is quite fitting with the first part of his middle name "Kamaka" which means "eye" in Hawaiian. Aidan also loves going on walks and looking at everything that surrounds him - I even think he's making comments about things because he's always going, "Ooo" or "ohhh" or "squeel!" or his new favorite sound is kind of a "hyuk" and a sqeak at the same time. I adore this new sound by the way - even though he's been non-stop for the past few days with it.

Anyway, I've always been thankful that my parents exposed me to different things during my youth. Though, I will admit that I was a huge brat at times,

My dad - "Ok, we're here at the Salt Lake. Do you want to get out of the car and see it?"

Me "No."

My dad- "Are you sure? It's something you really shouldn't miss."

Me - "That's ok, I can see it from here."

My dad- Glares through his glasses then shoots me the evil eye.

Me - Stubborn.

I can't remember why I didn't want to get out of the car. I think I thought it would get us home faster and finished with the long road trip if I didn't get out of the car. My poor dad, just trying to show me the great beauty of nature and I was just being a spoiled brat who wanted to get home to her bed, unable to appreciate what her dad was trying to do for her. I'm sure Aidan will have those moments but hopefully I'll be able to persuade him to at least get out of the car. Or maybe he'll be a normal child and get out of the car and try to see if he can swim in the dense salt that is the Salt Lake or just run about all over the place and then I won't be able to get him back in the car. I just hope that he'll be able to appreciate what is in front of him. Though I can tell that he's a bit like his mommy and even his father. We both enjoy traveling and meeting new people; people from different cultures.

Anysnooze, he loves his walker - he gets really excited when I'm putting him in it that I sometimes have trouble getting him in. I'm definitely going to be in trouble when he starts crawling (which he probably will within the next few weeks, he's able to get on all fours and rock a bit) but I'm going to need some sort of tracking device when he starts walking. Which method do you think is best, cow bell or squeaky shoes?

Okay enough...wait...doesn't he look so freakin' cute in that picture?!?!?!?!?! My perfect little dork in his sun hat and sunshades, scootin' around in his walker with his onsie and little shoes.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely going for the cow bell. Preferably a big ol' Swiss style one. ;-)


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