March 26, 2009

Beach Baby

Aidan at a beach in Waialua.
The North Shore is my favorite place in Hawai'i, not too many people go there and there's some great secret beaches. I discovered this beach in Waialua on a Saturday after I visited the Farmer's Market in town and decided to drive around to get to know the area. Waialua is a very, very, VERY quaint town. There's the old Sugar Mill (that's where the Farmer's Market takes place) and a school/park maybe? Anyway, I was driving around and found this hidden beach well it's not hidden but it isn't a frequented place of sunbathers and swimmers. I strapped Aidan in the Bjorn and then we walked along the beach for a morning jaunt. The bambino is a little timid of the water; I think it's a bit frigid right now for his liking.
So a few days later I decided to take Bambino Boy to the beach again to get him used to the water and sand. He liked hanging out on the beach but was still unsure of the water but I'm still proud of him for not having a meltdown.
I think I might've seen some guy from a show on the CW channel but wasn't sure. At first I thought he was the actor who plays Karev on Grey's Anatomy but he looked a bit young. The thing is, I didn't realize it until a few days later when I was watching an old episode of One Tree Hill (indeed sometimes I feel the need to watch a soap opera). Anyway, it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and it was so nice to be outside on the beach. Aidan enjoyed playing with his toys, trying to figure out the sand, and people watch. I enjoyed watching Aidan learn and getting some much needed rays and ocean time. I don't wish that I could be a beach bum but I do wish that I could just step outside the door and *woosh* have the ocean at my feet. How sweet the smell of the sea.
Other than beaching, I've just been job searching, doing the interview thing, still doing Baby Boot Camp (I can keep up with the instructor now), exploring the island and having fun hanging out with Aidan everyday.
That's all I've heard for today.


Melissa said...

awww! I need a trip to hang out with you on the beach. Once again - too cute.

Mary Kai said...

okay that's it! u keep posting beach pictures & makena and i are moving out there and the two of us can raise our kids together w/out men! whoooo hooo! on the beach, in the sun of the islands that i miss! sounds like a plan eh? ;)

soccer_girl21 said...

Do it Mary!


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