October 21, 2008


Labels are not something I like to have or would want my son to go by either but I am so in love with boy babies looking like little rockers. I'm very thankful that "Parents" magazine had a page dedicated to us mommies who love to rock (like Gwen Stefani or Kate Hudson), which made me fall in love with SourPuss items but in the search for lil' rocker clothes I came upon Rock'n Sprouts http://www.rocknsprouts.com/ (forgive I haven't figured out how to hyperlink the words yet). Though pricey I was able to find some cute items on sale:
The bag that was featured in "Parents" magazine. I've finally found a diaper bag that totally suits me!

There's another fun website: http://www.psychobabyonline.com/ they've got some rocker style baby clothes as well. I'm just so excited to finally have found the websites that contain the style of clothing that I'd like to purchase for Aidan. This is dangerous for my wallet of course but a mom's gotta have some fun for baby right? I just wish I had known about these sites when I was doing the registry. C'est la vie. Time to go have fun baby clothes browsin'.

Oh and a little treat:


Anonymous said...

Can't get over how dang cute this kid is!! Those big brown eyes are going to be killers with the girls ... and them to the rocker outfits and you're gonna be in trouble, momma!

Melissa said...

I'm in love! He is so adorable! Watch out ladies.


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