August 27, 2008

I'm ready to deliver!

Or at least according to the below I'm prepared.

We received our certificates on the last day of class. It would be nice to say that I learned A LOT but I didn't due to me being a geek in reading about labor before the class started. The great thing about the class is meeting some great people and learning where to go when I do start to go in labor.
I still recommend people attend a childbirth prepartion class because it can help you prepare yourself emotionally and mentally. It's also advantageous to get to know the people in your class and share your experience. Even though I didn't really make any real connections with the people in the class, it was nice to know that I am part of a special group.
Anyway, today I had another ultrasound....he's an A+ baby 8/8 on his biophysical (healthy boy). He's in vertex presentation with a posterior placenta, which means his head is postioned downwards and the face is faced towards my bum ;o) which is perfect for when I go into labor. The placenta which helps him survive is towards the back....I'm assuming. All in all he appears to be a healthy fetus.
So that's the news as I know it...more updates to come later.


Anonymous said...

Yuuuhooo! Congrats, dearie! Can't wait to "meet" the man (at least in pics ;-)! Love reading your blog ... I start going into "what's going on? Is it time? panic everytime you don't write for a couple of days ;-)

Melissa said...

So when did you start your class? I haven't signed up for one yet, but I guess I should get a move on.


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