August 26, 2008

Anticipating Motherhood

10 things I'm looking forward to becoming a mama (we'll start with #10 and work our way up):

10. Breastfeeding/ providing nourishment for someone I love. It's exciting to think that a woman's body is built to provide such a wonderful gift such as nourishment for another life (while it's in and out of her body). I also look forward to the bonding time of breastfeeding.

9. Bath time - water has always played a huge role in my life (from taking a shower (calming me) to kayaking on a stormy day (exciting me)); I like to think that it comes from my Hawaiian background. I'm excited to show him how much fun he can have in the water and also when he's older teach him the importance of water.

8. Reading to him. This is something I've sort of already started. When I received some of the books from the baby shower I read them to him and it felt like he was responding to the stories (especially The Giving Tree). I remember my dad used to read to me when he tucked me into bed, that's a memory I cherish always and would like to continue that tradition. It's a time to help him relax and expand his mind, from the womb until he says, "Mom, I can tuck myself into bed now."

7. Going for walks. Walking is my favorite activity EVER! It's something I do wherever I go and in whatever mood I'm in. It's what helped me lose weight in Norway and what helps me stay in shape for the baby's delivery. It's also a time for thinking or making wishes. One particular walk with my best friend Megan resulted in one of my wishes coming true - my dad's heart transplant. I'm excited to walk him in his carrier, stroller, him holding my hand, to walking side by side, showing him the beauty of the world and that there's still beauty in the "ugly".

6. The "uh-oh" moments: wetting his bed, falling off his bike, accidentally or purposefully breaking something, not getting a good grade on a test, etc. I'm excited to teach him that it's ok to make mistakes as long as he learns from them, even if he has to learn from them twice. As Dory the fish would say, "Just keep swimming."

5. The "Aha!" moments: walking, learning how to use the toilet, riding a bike, driving a car, finding out what being in love is, and the list goes on. Hopefully, I'll be able to catch them on camera.

4. Teaching him the importance of family and that family is what you make it. It's important to understand that he will have so much love from his family: grandma & grandpa, aunts & uncles, the extensive list of cousins, and my friends. I want him to understand that family isn't always about blood (though it is fun to know your ethnic background) but the natural ability to love someone unconditionally - those who you're able to do that with are your family.

3. Fixing his "boo boos": letting him know that I will always be there no matter what. I will kiss his scrapes even if they're on his bum (of course until he's of a certain age) and clean and bandage them. I want him to know that there's always someone to pick him up when he falls, especially me.

2. Snuggle time. I'm so excited to finally hold him and kiss him. I'll be excited for those nights when he can't sleep on his own and needs the warmth of his mommy's body to help him sleep. Even now I cradle my belly and tell him I love him, to his first breath in this world I will hold him, even when I'm not longer physically present on this earth hold him I will still cradle him with my love.

1. Saying "I love you" everyday. Need I say more?


Ka said...

You are such a goddess in your final days. It makes me smile that you are so overjoyed. I know that flame will never fizzle.

I have to ask because I haven't been told, what is your son's name?

Take care of you. I will write again. XOXO Kat

Melissa said...

Your top 10 list gets me so excited and thinking about what are my top things I'm looking forward to. I'm still amazed that I will be a mother in 4 months and you in even less!!! It's all so crazy to think we'll both have sons of our own flesh and blood. Behind every great man is a great woman... and I hope we are great moms!

Megan said...

I love you Aljo!


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