May 24, 2008

23 Week OB Appointment

Yesterday was an emotional day but before it got too emotional I had my OB appointment at Mass General.

Linus is doing great; he's got a healthy heart rate (under 150) and quite the active little fella. It was really exciting to hear his heart beat (it makes mine race with complete joy) and to hear his movements and feel them at the same time. It's pretty remarkable what this little fella is up to in there.

I on the other hand need to get an EKG but nothing to be alarmed. Lately, I've been feeling light-headed when I feel my heart pound harder and become short of breath. I'm not doing anything, I'm just resting, lying down for bed. The doctors just want to make sure that my heart is doing okay and that I don't have cardiomyopathy. I'm sure everything is going to be fine but I just need to take it easy, since I've been a bit stressed.

But now that I've found a place and now that I have a long weekend I can take it easier.

So that's the news. I'm just so excited to have finally found a good place and to hear that Linus is healthy.

Next step...childcare search and baby shower registry.

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Kiera said...

Amazing!!!! :)


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