December 24, 2007

The city sleeps under a blanket of white...

The city sleeps under a blanket of white Current mood: blessed Category: Life
Below is from my mass e-mail I just sent out.

Happy Holidays!

It's December 24th this evening. In some parts of the world people are opening presents (or alerady have) and in other parts it's just another evening. Just like this year of 2007, for some it's been a remarkable journey and for others it's been another year of just getting by. For me, it's been like Boston's Green Line shuffle - you either get the rare chance of hopping on the car that gets you to the destination you want or you get the shuffle, on one car to a stop and then having to wait, and then get on the car that will get you to your final destination but you had to wait 5 cars and sometimes you're late and sometimes you're on time. I could say that it's all in the timing but the green line is like life, pretty freakin' random. I wouldn't have it any other way.

This year started out in New York City with my best friend Brooke and will end in Boston and most likley with me, myself, and I. That isn't supposed to sound depressing at all, it's my way of showing you how life has panned out for me this year. On the first day of this year I was heading to the Guggenheim with Brooke in a taxi. The taxi driver was the first philosphical cabbie I had ever met. I'll just let you know what he said to us, "All this time that I've been driving I have been taking people to their desitnations but I have never known mine. But now that I've figured it out, I'm going to do something about it." He was planning on going back to school. I hope he's doing what he had planned.

After that trip I had realized that I wanted to find the way to reach my own destination. So, after a month and a half I had said goodbye to the good family, the Yatvins, in Philadelphia that I had been with for seven months. I was thankful for the opportunity that they had provided me but I wanted to know what it was like to live on my own, pay for my bills nad rent all on my own. I cannot even express how scared I was to take the big leap of entering "adulthood" but I knew it was time.

Off I went to be with my cousin's the Hanlons in Massachusetts until I could find a job and an apartment in Boston. Thank goodness for family because without their help I'd be up shit's creek. They were gracious enough to let me mooch off of them for 5 months and well I still do it every once in a while but I'm sure they just love feeding one more mouth on the weekends.

The things I've really come to love about families is dinner time, with both the Yatvins and the Hanlons. We'd all sit at the dinner table and just talk or play dinner games. The sharing of each other's day is a real gift that families share that I know not all families are able to dob but I feel so thankful to have grown up with my parents at the dinner table and to continue this custom with other families.

Anyway, I never thought I'd go corporate but where I ended up is pretty much amazing! I get to walk from my apartment to work and the whole way I get to enjoy the architecture of brownstones and the landscape of the Charles River. Most importantly, I appreciate the people I work with and feel appreciated.

During this time I have made great connections with friends (Stephanie, Prahar, Rajani, & Chanda and pretty much everyone I work with) and family (the whole Hanlon clan and my Uncle Don & Lizzie, and Sarah) and had actually reconnected with an old high school friend Meghan but unfortunately (for me) she moved back to the West Coast. I've made an incredible connection with my friend Tim Murley, an amazing painter ( ) check him out when you get a moment.

I guess one could say that I've learned that the connections made in this life are very important. In Philadelphia I didn't make an effort to make friends I just worked, hung out with the Yatvins, and then hid in my room with the television. But when I moved to Boston I made damn sure that I wouldn't be a hermit. I was also blessed with great friends visiting me in my new home; the Lindsey's and my bestie Megan. They're also important for when a time of need arrives. This November my Grammy departed this world and entered one that is uknown to me. I'm sure she's putting on her face while watching the boob tube somewhere, stroking someone's hair. Luckily, I had the support of my best friend Megan while she was in town.

During her visit we were able to explore Maine, ride broomsticks with the wtiches of Salem, experience the Red Sox winning the World Series, and become intimate with the city of Boston. Freakin' incredible!

Right now, I get to witness the Patriot's, so far, undefeated season. But the thing that is more enjoyable than the victories of the city's teams is the fans. The fans of Boston are what make the teams I think. They are there through thick and thin. Red Sox and Patriots fans are the true passengers of the Green Line (which they do take during the Red Sox season). At one moment the ride is smooth but then you get to Park Street and then you have to do the shuffle, because the train is going out of service. So they wait for the train going to North Station or Lechmere but the only trains coming are Government Center until 10 trains later they get a North Station train but those Lechmere passengers still need to wait and wait they do. I think it's out of every 15 cars there's only 2 Lechmere trains. I could be wrong but the point is, waiting is key. Maintaining hope is all there is to do.

I still haven't reached my goal of becoming a professional photographer but I am slowly making way. I'm very happy with my decision in not completely enrolling into Brooke's Institute. I am terrified that I do not know how I'll become a professional but I know I'll get there. What keeps me going is that great things don't happen over night; they come with the solid mindset of that they will happen because I'm going to do something about it.

This year has been filled with fear and hope but I wouldn't have any other combination, the great balance. 2007 began with hope and will cycle into 2008. That's the great thing about change is that even with a sudden alteration of pace the destination is attainable, it's just whether or not if you want to make the effort in reaching it.

I'm very excited for 2008 and what it has instore for the world. Perhaps, this time next year I will be reporting to you from Paris or San Francisco or not at all because I'll be on a boat that sails around the world. A girl can make her dreams a reality.

I hope you all enjoyed this year and that 2008 brings you your own Green Line Shuffle to have fun with.



P.S. I posted some new photos on my website:
More will be posted after the holidays.

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