March 17, 2010

Freedom in a Two Week Notice

Those of you who are close to me or are Facebook buddies already know this but on Monday morning I gave my two week notice to my full time job. But what many of you don't know is that since last summer I've been working freelance for a PR firm based in Los Angeles. The cool thing? They offered me a full time gig!!!! Hence my reasoning for putting in my resignation at my current place of employment. Now is my chance to begin my career in Public Relations! To do something I love to do and get paid to do it, fan-freakin'-tastic!!! But there's a bonus:


Oh yes, it is music to my ears. Moving. Back. To. SEATTLE! Say it with me folks: Seattle, Seatown, The Emerald City, The Evergreen State, The Land of 9 months Straight of Rain, Setting of Gray's Anatomy (I hate that show), Location of the Spaceneedle, HOME. H.O.M.E. Place where my parents, the Bambino's grandparents reside. Place of birkenstockers, liberals, music zealites, good coffee, ferries, and flying fish. That's where the Bambino and I are going. I have the opportunity to work from home and after a few years maybe even open a Seattle office.

Not sure if you know but my mama, the Bambino's Tutu was on island for a visit at the beginning of the month. Tutu and Bambino got along fine after he realized that she was a sweet lady and not someone to be timid with. But after witnessing his (understandble) stand-offish to my mama since we don't live nearby her and Popi I decided that it's time to leave this beautiful paradise of an island and return home to the land of green. I've always wanted to raise my child(ren) around my parents so that they would know their grandparents because I loved having my Grammy around. I think it's important to have a strong relationship with your grandparents, they're the people who will spoil you, tell you funny stories about your parents, and they will swoon, swoon, swoon, swooooooooooooon over you. They are endlessly proud to be grandparents so it's time to get them and the Bambino acclimated with each other.

Now I don't know where we'll live yet but wheels are spinning and my lovely friends at home are helping me out.

I'm not sure how much excitement I can express right now but I am so thrilled to finally be going home. Which brings me to my next new thing, I will be changing the name of this blog and perhaps the privacy as well. Now that I will be returning home I won't be so restless anymore and since the Bambino isn't a little bambino anymore but more of a Mancub that is Toddlerhood I will be changing things up a bit. I'll still be writing the same sort of content but the title will be a little different.

So that's all I've heard for today. For those of you who are still reading this blog, thank you and you now understand why I've been a bit MIA on the blog and Twitter.

More details on the job and company to come later but for now, please just jump in pure joy with me in the new chapter that the Mancub and I will be entering and wish us luck! This is a bit of a risky change but I believe nothing is gained without a good risk.


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