January 14, 2010

A winner and a loser....

So things have been a bit busy 'round these parts.
Also, I am a loser because I only went FOUR days without watching the television. I got sick (still am but getting better) and when I get sick, I watch the boob tube. So that experiment was an epic failure.
Though, I won't be setting bets this time I will start again on the less television thing. I did well this past weekend in taking the Bambino out for a playdate and just giving him 100% of my attention on Saturday. Then on Sunday we went to the aquarium and had a great time. Though I have major guilt issues because I let the kid eat some McDonalds fries. Gross. My baby now knows what grease tastes like.
So anyway about the TV wager - NotaSoccerMom won!!!!!!!
NOTASOCCERMOM -Please e-mail me your information and I'll be sending you a Hawaiian Christmas ornament and some yummy Hawaiian treats - you're not allergic to Macadamia nuts are you?
Okay, so the no watching tv was a failure this time around but I've done a great job this week. We've hung out with our neighbors and friends this week and played a couple rounds of "Scene It." I totally lost. But it's cool. And have just been having fun, fun, fun!

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