January 13, 2010

Things I would text to the Bambino if he could text back or talk back and had a cell phone...not like he's getting one until he can drive....

Dear Bambino,

If I could call or text you right now I would tell you that I am so bored at my job and would rather be hanging out with you at the park or having a battle of wills about me wanting you to walk on your own and you wanting me to carry you.

You usually win by the way.

Mama doesn't like to be away from you all day at work but right now this is what she needs to do - until George Clooney opens his eyes and realizes that he wants to marry me and be your daddy. But........that won't happen for a while. *wink*

So, I'm stuck here at work during my lunch break wanting to tickle you, hug you, and just look at your handsome face. I miss you so much during the work day.

I'll see you soon.


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