December 4, 2009

Weekend Docket

  • Tonight (Friday) I'll be cleaning my closet so that I can find my clothes for tomorrow
  • Mililani Christmas Parade - the Bambino and I are in it for Baby Boot Camp.  It will be awesome!
  • Mililani Town Craft Fair
  • Grab last chance deals @ Target for cheapo tree ornaments
  • Winter Wonderfland (maybe) in Aiea
  • Honolulu Festival of Lights
  • So that was all Saturday up above
  • Sunday: Windward Craft Fair
  • Edit photos for the amazing artist brother and his lady friend
  • Put up tree and decorate!!!!
  • Buy groceries
  • Call Popi and Tutu
  • Call Aunty Megs, Aunty Brooke and Uncle Paul
  • Hopefully sneak in a visit with Aunty Lass, Uncle Tim and Aunty Maka

And somewhere in there I have to make sure I get in a jog and sleep.  So I'm thinking my whole "No TV weekend" just might work.


Have a good one everyone!


If you're in Honolulu for the festival "Tweet" me.  I can't believe I just typed that.



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