November 3, 2009

The Mass Hole Mommy

Things around here are still a bit.........hmmm..........ummmm.......dark and while I know talking about the dark times worked for Dooce and other bloggers I just don't feel comfortable talking about it yet or maybe ever.
Anyway, I'm not ready to write any posts or share anymore photos right now so I'm going to take a mini-break. BUT! I'd still like to stay a bit current so I asked a few peeps to guest blog for me while I take this hiatus. The first guest is Robin of
Mass Hole Mommy. I'm not sure who tweeted first but we met via Twitter and ever since then we've been "pals." Whenever I'm back in Massachusetts I will be calling her so that we can get crazy together and let our kids cause a wild rumpus.
Anysnooze Robin was kind enough to oblige me when I asked her to write a post for the ole bloggity-blog. I loved reading this post - it makes me miss Massachusetts even more than I already do. Funny how the grass is greener, ay? Enjoy folks and don't forget to check her out on her own
blog because it's awesome! Thanks Lady Bird!

Last week I started looking for guest writers for my blog, Mass Hole Mommy, and Aljolynn offered to write one and I was so honored. I mean, she has one of the coolest blogs out there! And when I received an email from her about writing on HER blog, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Who wouldn’t jump on that!

Anyway, if you haven’t figured out by now I live in Massachusetts, about 20 minutes south of Boston. I grew up here in MA and have chosen to raise my kids here, too! I absolutely love living here! With that being said, I have come up with a list of 10 things I love about living here:

1. The New England Patriots. Who can argue this one? 3 Super Bowl titles in 4 years. We have one of the best (side note: I was going to say the best) Quarterbacks in the NFL, Tom Brady. Although he chose to marry Giselle instead of me, I will still hold a very special place in my heart for him.

2. The beach! Living so close to the coast, there are tons of beaches very close-by. Cape Cod is about a 15 minute ride for me, and it’s all beach! I love to take my kids to the beach whether it be on the Cape or Constitution Beach in East Boston. Well at least for the 3 months of summer we actually get around here that is.

3. I mentioned the beach, so how can I leave out the opposite, snow? As much as the majority of New Englanders, me being one of them, complain about it, there is nothing like getting out there to play in it. Then come in for a nice mug of hot chocolate afterwards. The shoveling part, not so much, but building a big old snowman is definitely good times.

4. Dunkin Donuts! I realize that they have not invaded the entire country yet, which is a shame, but they have the best coffee, donuts and bagels around. And here in New England, you can find one on just about every corner. YUM!

5. Sam Adams Brewing Company. Yup, with their delicious seasonal blends, it is by far the best beer company on the face of the earth. And guess what, they brew it right out of their HQ in Boston!

6. Plymouth. Plymouth is probably a town that everyone in the country knows. From the Pilgrims landing there for the first time in America to the first Thanksgiving feast. There is tons of history there and it’s the next town over from me, so I am there a lot. There is a Mayflower replica, Plimouth Plantation, in which they recreate what it was like to live in a village at the time of Pilgrims and tons of fun things to do there, like haunted lantern tours. I love Plymouth and recommend that everyone who makes it to MA goes to spend the day there.

7. The Red Sox. Come on, with their World Series win in 2004 after 80 some-odd years without a win. Who doesn’t like a comeback story? Plus Fenway Park rocks!!

8. Our super cool accents. I actually debated writing this whole post in a Boston accent (pahk tha cah in tha hahvid yahd), but figured no one else would know what I was saying.

9. We have the craziest highways ever. Where else could you be driving north and south at the same time but in MA? Yes, 95 South and 93 North are actually the same stretch of road. Go figure?

10. The Drop Kick Murphys. Go to iTunes and check out some of their music. It rocks!! They are the official band of the Red Sox and everyone here in MA knows all of their songs.

So, there you have it. I would really like to thank Aljolynn for the opportunity to be a guest on such an awesome blog! Believe me, as much as I love where I live, I am extremely envious of the fact she now lives in paradise.

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