November 13, 2009

Follow the Friday Brick Road Dos - Geek Goggles

Get your nerd on

Thanks to my dad I am in love with technology having a Mac since I was 5 and always having the latest tech toys in the house . Actually, technology and I have a love/hate relationship but it's the kind I can handle. I love it because of how easy it makes life for me; staying connected with those I love but are far away, reminding me I need to do something, accessible free music!!!!!!!!!!! and the list goes on. I sometimes hate it because I get freaked out at how far one can go with it; flying cars, genetically mutated farfen frack by whatever science research project and that just isn't natural.

But anyway I can appreciate a good techno project when I see one. So here are a few things & person that I'm drooling over right now:
Touch - So I don't know if you know but I lived in Norway for a year; best year of my life. Those Norwegians are the healthiest and happiest people I know, for reals. And now they are one of the smartest people I know. Though I already thought they were smart this research project, Touch, just blows my mind thinking about their minds. Here's the scoop on them:

Touch is a research project that investigates Near Field Communication (NFC), a technology that enables connections between mobile phones and physical things. We are developing applications and services that enable people to interact with everyday objects and situations through their mobile devices.

You may be scratching your eczema head wondering, "What the heck are they jibber jabberin' about?" Well here's one of the projects they're working on - it excites and freaks me out Skål. It's a funny little gadget aka media player designed to take certain objects from around the house and act as a sort of remote (for kids). For example, if your daughter wants to watch My Little Pony on the tele then you can send in a My Little Pony doll to the designer and they'll add a fancy chip with My Little Pony shows to the doll. Then whenever she wants to see the program all she does is take a the doll and kinda swoop it around in the media player bowl and wham, bam, thank you ma'am she's watching MLP on the TV.

Freaky riiiiiiiiiight? Right. Anyway check out the site and all of their projects. Then let me know if you think the Nordmenn are just as awesome as I think they are.

Mintpass Select Calculator - I'm pretty much convinced that Mintpass is porn for tech geeks or as my brother likes to phrase it, Tech Savants. They've got handy dandy gadgets that help you get your organize on (very sexy) or they've got radical calculators designed just like the ones you use on Windows or Mac OSX. And aren't those calculators just the hottest thing you ever saw since an iPhone? I think they are. It's like the creators the horror flick "The Ring" e-mailed the designers at Mintpass and were like, "Hey wouldn't it be freaky to have the calculators we use on your computers come to life like Samara does in The Ring?" And the designers were all like, "Hell yeah that'd be some freak jazz! Let's do it." Please check out the site and all of their gadget porn and tell me that you didn't burst from all of looking at all of them.

And finally:
Julia Roy (@juliaroy) - So obviously this gal is NOT a thing but a person -
beauty and brains is this lady. She is my social media/digital world heroine. She was innovative enough to promote fundraising for the Hurricaine Katrina disaster victims via social media/blogging. This was before blogging was the cool thing to do - before Mommy Bloggers!!!!! (please don't kill me mommy bloggers - I'm one of you....sort of...I really hate that title). Anyway here's a little bit about what she does from her site's "About Me":
I'm a thinker, communicator and educator of digitally and socially smart strategies and executions. I advise individuals, corporations and brands on how to plan and activate a social campaign that successfully establishes and maintains mutually-beneficial relationships with the people on the internet they care about the most.

Roy now works for Coach, Inc. as their Senior Manager of New Media. So what does that mean? Read her post about Luxury Brand and Social Media. That's right she's helping this classic luxury brand branch out to the public via social media aka the internet. Rather than consumers purchasing Vogue to find out what's new with luxury brands like Coach they can now just hit the internet and find out what's going on and give feedback while Coach still maintains their image and reputation. This is something very new for these types of brands which is of course due to the current ecnomic state. I'm very interested to see how she does with her new position. Will consumers really feel as though their voice is being heard from a designer company?

Check out her blog and follow her tweets (@juliaroy) and let me know what you think of the Cutest and Smartest Social Media Geek. I just dubbed her that - hope she doesn't mind. She knows how to get her nerd on. Oh and read her latest interview with Gelf Magazine.

That's my friday shout out.
Happy Friday the 13th!
Have a great weekend folks!

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