September 11, 2009

Mama's Wish

Dear Bambino,

As you played and wandered around the house this morning while cooing and babbling I started to think about you, your future, and how much brighter life has been with you in it.

I have many hopes and wishes for you but I know that they can only be just that because you'll soon have your own.

My main wish for you is that you live a life full of:
  • Laughter (to the point that you just might pee your pants or fart out loud),
  • Love (the real kind - where that person will always be in your life no matter how many dutch ovens you may do),
  • Adventure (a mix between the Iliad and just having fun building a fort in the backyard kind), and
  • Grand mistakes that you can learn from (the kind where you really, really learn your lesson not the dunce camp kind).

I also wish that I had not brought you into a world where people risk other people's lives just for a fundamentalist cause; where planes crash into buildings, bombs are dropped on villages, families torn apart by violence, children abducted from their parents, diseases & drugs ruining teenagers lives, people die from poisoned water, trees or national representatives lie to the face of those who put them in their position.

But we live in such a world and even though we do it is still a world worth living. And where I wish that you never have to go through sorrow, grief, anger, and regret - you will. You will feel those emotions but what I hope is that you'll grow from them and do something positive from them. Your life is a life worth living and always will be.

When you have love, laughter, a sense of adventure, and a willingness to learn you can do so much good.

Don't ever lose hope.



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