August 17, 2009

I get by with a little help from my friends (and family)

Example of the Bambino's first birthday outfit by Trulysanctuary on Etsy.

So I've got a great little outfit picked out for the Bambino's first birthday which is Music themed, I can't stand those Dora or Pooh party themes so I went with something a little unique. Anysnooze, I'm reallye excited about this outfit and am so thankful that the designer has been so patient with me on this onesie. And yes I realize that this is just an outfit that the Bambino will only wear a couple of times but it still has to be perfect. Who knows maybe I'll use it to make him a quilt (that maybe my mom or someone crafty in my family will make?) for when he goes to college or something.
It's his first birthday and the outfit has to be perfect along with everything else. The Bambino will have reached a milestone, along with reaching many milestones within just that ONE milestone. Anyway, I'm excited to have found an out fit but...........
......I'm having some issues on what to put on the Bambino's 1st birthday onesie outfit.
On the tape part I plan on sticking with the, Bambino's Party Mix, but am having trouble figuring out what to put below it.
I came up with, I crescendoed my way into my 1st year or Crescendo since 2008. They're ok but I'm not totally sold on either of them.
Some of my friends have picked some great ones but I'm still not totally sold. That's where where you folks come in.
Do any of you clever and musically inclined folks have any suggestions?
If so please leave me a comment.


Restless Mama said...


Amber, The Unlikely Mama said...

YAY! I love that you're doing something different. I too hate the crappy plastic cartoon themes that permeiate most childrens' parties. You idea is all kinds of cool, good for you for thinkin outside the box :-)

Anonymous said...

Testing 1,2,3........


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