July 28, 2009

Throne Thoughts

When I was pregnant I used to just hide in any of my company's bathrooms for some peace and quiet, alone time, and to think about nothing. Funny thing is some of greatest thoughts come from sitting on the john but the other thing is I usually forget about them and thus my mediocre existence. *wink*
So perhaps I shall dedicate a weekly posting on, Thoughts from the Throne. What do you think? Perhaps I'll finally find my way back to Genius-ville, where I only resided while I was baking in the womb.
This week's thought besides coming up with this brilliant and awkward idea is:
What is your most embarassing toilet moment?
Mine is when I just started peeing with the public bathroom door open in front of a residential counselor in college. It's not so much that the door was open because he couldn't see me but that I left it open so that he could HEAR me peeing. As soon as he heard the first inkling of trickling he politely closed the door. Oops! I guess my bathroom modesty was nonexisitent even before the Bambino came into my life.
(Photo taken at a friend of a friend's house while I was living in Boston)

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