June 18, 2009

Sick and every other synonym that goes with it

I don't care if a woman has post-partum depression or doesn't feel a connection with the baby growing inside of her. Once that baby is born a woman has a responsibility to seek and provide care for the infant. Whether if it's in the form of adoption or seeking mental help - you do what you can to provide for that child!

A woman should NEVER, NEVER kill a child born to her. NEVER. If a woman does participate in such an act then she should be sentenced to life or receive the death penalty for such horrific action. A life has been stolen and the consequences should be faced. Again, I don't care if a woman has post-partum depression or whatever kind of illness one could come up with. If you don't want your baby give him or her up for adoption. So many other legal and caring options out there for people who do not wish to parents.

And for those who are prosecuting a woman who killed her 3 babies and stuck them in a freezer, you shoot for more than an eight year sentence. You go for a life sentence or the death penalty. Obviously if she killed her first child in 1999 and then burned the body, only to kill her other two babies and stick them in a freezer, this woman needs to be behind bars for the rest of her life to think about the (words cannot even describe how sickening) crime she committed.

Want to know why I'm ranting? Read this BBC News article.

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