June 15, 2009

Mother Nature

Run for the hills!!!

After a year and a half of not receiving my monthly gift from Mother Nature I was getting used to the idea of not having to deal with it but.........she's back at it!

I forgot what it felt like to have this happen each month and well I'd like to go back to forgetting. I'm exhausted even more now and I'm even more on edge. Yesterday I felt like throwing fruit at everyone at my Aunty's wedding reception because they were either too nice or not talking to me at all.

Seriously, what's up with the additional bonus of mood swings? I feel like such an evil person but I just feel like throwing food or my shoe at everyone that is in my prescence. With the exception of the Bambino of course, it was because of him I was able to avoid Mother Nature's gift for the year and a half that I did. Since he's weaning himself from the twins Miss MN decided to be a bitch and make me feel like Cruella DeVil incarnate. That's right I could possibly hire someone to steal your puppies but I wouldn't do anything harmful, just take them and enjoy their company. Except for when they would poop then I would hire someone to take them away to Alaska or somewhere fun.

Bah! That's how I feel and all that I want to say to people when they talk to me.

Random person: How are you today? Isn't this a lovely wedding reception?

Me: Bah! (throws pineapple in face of person)

God speed to those who encounter me. Run. For the sake of your precious life, RUN!

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