June 2, 2009


My brain is totally fried from everything that has been going on in my head. I can't and don't want to think anymore. It feels like someone has been shoving things into my head for the past couple of weeks. With the lack of sleep, cramming in reading, brainstorming writing ideas, budgeting, trying to keep with photographing, arguing with receptionists to get me an appointment for the bambino, neogtiating with my credit card company, storage company, Banana Republic about payments, comping up with Plans B, C, & D...my brain has had enough!

This lady needs to go to a day spa...away from everyone! Even the bambino. Although I think I would start to miss him after two hours and would then cut the spa treatment early to race back home to him. Or maybe there could be a daycare at the spa so then that way between treatments I could peak my head in.

I need a break from all this thinking at once, someone buy me a haircut.


Melissa said...

hear hear! I hear you! I've been doing my fair share of credit card company calling and budgeting. I'm kicking myself for not being smarter with my money BEFORE having a baby. But I guess life is all about learning, right? You totally deserve a day at a spa - or at least a really hot shower listening to your favorite music.

Mel said...

Once your Dad showed you how to make a budget. Give it a try.
You are smart enough to make things work as you work toward your goals. We love you and enjoy reading your blog and viewing the photos.


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