June 12, 2009

1st Birthday Party Planning Part 1

Just after the Bambino was born. I can't believe he's reaching the O-N-E soon!

I put "part 1" in the title because I'm sure I'll be writing more about planning a first birthday party. Actually, this will be the first party that I will plan on my own. It's pretty intimidating since it will be the Bambino's first birthday party. So trying to figure out his outfit(s), party favors, party untensils, decorations, invitations, etc. is quite the challenge but a fun one (many a woman enjoys shopping but I thoroughly enjoy shopping online!).

So how shall I describe the experience thus far? Let's do a bullet list:
  • Picking the theme - SUPER easy...I thought about it for about 2 seconds and was sold on the a Music Themed birthday party.
  • Choosing an outfit - This one will continue to be a work in progress right up until the Bambino is about to turn 1 because I want it to be cute and edgy. Thank goodness for Etsy because I was getting sick of looking at all of the other baby shops for a decent First Birthday outfit.
  • Decorations - Ugh...this is a hideous task because most of the music themed decorations I've found are tasteless and boring. I'm going to have to be creative on this one.
  • Favors - No clue. A bunch of toys instruments from the dollar store or something more creative than that? I dunno. This mama's on a budget so I might have to go lame dame and go to cheap-o depot.
  • Location - The townhouse. So that's easy.
  • Invitation - I'm debating on using these cute invites I found at Target or stay on the green side on send an e-vite. Issue with the e-vite is that I can't find one I like. So I'll have to keep researching my options. Plus, it would be cool to look back someday and reminisce about his first invitation...hold it in my hand and all that good jazz. We'll see.
  • Who to invite - So do I send invitations to people that I know won't be able to make it? Or just people that I know here in Hawai'i? Of course G-ma & G-pa will get one. Seriously what's the Emily Post on this?
  • Food - Yeah I have no clue here. Guests will probably just be getting tea sandwiches. I hope everyone likes cucumber sandwiches!!!!!!
  • Cake vs. cupcake - Hmmm.........if the Hanlon girls were here they would bake the finest cake known to mankind but they're not. So do I buy one or just make cupcakes?

That's how the planning is going so far. I'll be honest though I've been taking this party planning about as serious as a broken nail but I do enjoy it. I just wish I could afford to hire a band to play for his party, now that would be stellar. And yes I just used the word stellar.

Anyone have any suggestions on my problem areas?

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Alanna said...

You are one ambitious woman. I'm already feeling like an underachiever and I don't even HAVE kids yet! My vote? Definitely cupcakes. My mom spent hours and hours and hours making super fancy Carebear cakes for me in my early years, but if it weren't for the "memories" I've made from the pics, I would never know the difference. To this day, my mom swears "never again"...


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