May 26, 2009

Squirming, rejection, and patience

Aidan turned 8 months last week Wednesday, I can't believe he's that much closer to turning ONE! Some developments since his last updated:

  • He's crawling! Full-on crawling all over, whenever, and on whoever (seriously he'll crawl over you to get to his destination if need be).
  • He's also climbing and pulling himself up on everything. He's quite the little explorer.
  • "Dada" and "Yeah"- this could break my heart but I'm not really thinking he really knows what he's saying. Aidan still babbles but he throws in a couple "dadas" here and there but when I say "Mama" he gives me a big smile and...
  • Gives kisses, sure they're open-mouthed but he's kissin' ya when he's got his mouth on your face. They're precious and I can't get enough of them.
  • He rejected me for the first time last Thursday when I picked him up from the babysitter's house. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry because it seriously was funny & heartbreaking all at once. She was holding him and when I reached for him he wasn't having anything to do with that. Oh well, I've got many more years of rejection to come with him....
  • Aidan likes to squirm during diaper changes and it doesn't matter if I give him something to occupy him while I change him....little bum! The only thing that he enjoys while I change his diaper is the replacement diaper and as soon as I take that to put it on him....he's squiriming again. So what should be a quick 20 second change turns into a 2-minute fiasco. I thought I had patience but now I've really developed some since this.
  • He's starting to sleep through the night in his new crib which is so great! Before he was sleeping in his swing, which he loves (what baby doesn't love to be rocked to sleep?) but I'm just very thankful that he can sleep from 7:30 pm until 4am. Now if I can just get him to sleep until 5am then we'll be all set. This mama doesn't want to have to wake up earlier than she needs.
  • The bambino loves playing with his toys and making toys out of ordinary things, like a remote or cell phone. I only let him play with the cell phone while it's turned off but he loves it when I'm talking to Poppie & Grandma, or Aunty Megs, or Aunty Brooke. He tries really hard to rip it from my hands. Little thief. I also like to give him his spoon and bowl after he's through eating his oatmeal - a nice drum set for babies.
  • He's learned the word, "No," and he does not like it at all. One time I was teaching him his body parts and when I got to his nose he thought I was saying "No." Poor thing. So I try to just say it when he's getting into something he shouldn't be.
  • Bossy, bossy, bossy. That's all I have to say about that.
  • And finally he's turned into a major cuddle bug, I mean he was before but this is major. He loves to be snuggled and just hang out in mama's lap. He loves to be held my his Uncle Lou (Eddie, my younger brother...we've nicknamed him) and tickled and just touched. Every baby loves to feel like they're loved but he really, really loves it. I like that he's a cuddle bug. He's got such a wonderful personality.

So that's the news on the bambino for now. I'm trying to find some decorations for his 1st Birthday...I've got the themed picked out but now it's the finding decent and reasonably priced decorations for the fiesta. The theme will be revealed at a later date. I'm just so excited that I had no problem picking one.

Photos of the bambino will be posted later this evening.

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