April 23, 2009

Trying to find the niche...

If you're a regular follower of this blog, the few that do, you will have noticed that I've changed my header about 5 million times give or take. I've been trying to figure out a header that will pop out, like *BAM* here we are. Instead of just keeping this blog an update of our lives I'd like to begin to make it an outlet for other parents and especially single parents; hopefully provide some resources while still updating my friends and family on Aidan's developments.

While I was pregnant I was trying to look for some great local resources and support groups for soon to be single mothers and then single mothers. When I researched on the internet I got these results:
  • Single parents meet other single parents (not interested in dating AT ALL)
  • Abused women and children (wasn't in a physically abusive relationship)
  • Singlemoms.com (not local)
  • Singlemoms.org (not local)
  • Dating after divorce (wasn't married)
  • WIC or Childcare Vouchers (earned too much money)

And the list goes on and while some of those websites were relevant to my situation I just wasn't satisfied. Some of them were only targeted to women who had just gone through a divorce or women who were in a bad situation or the websites were just angry women complaining about the fathers. I was more looking for a way to connect with single parents in person and talk about how they personally parent their child without the help of a partner. I wanted to go to a group and talk about how it is possible to do this on my own. Perhaps I didn't use the right words when searching but when I went to my social worker for help she wasn't much of one either. It wasn't until I had given birth to Aidan that I had met a social worker who understood that I wanted to find a local parenting group to connect with. She actually did some research and had given me a folder full of groups around the Boston area and one in Salem. Granted the parenting group in Salem was mostly married parents but it was still nice to connect with them and they helped me feel better about raising a child.

Anyway, I wish that I had been able to find a single pregnant women's group, I think I would have shed fewer tears and felt better supported. Not that my friends and family weren't supportive it's just that I was the first of my friends to have a baby and my cousins who had children were married...so it was hard to relate. So my goal for this blog is to hopefully help pregnant single mothers and single parents. I want them to know and understand that it's possible to be a happy and supportive parent to their child. That there will be hardships but from those hardships comes many great achievements....you're a parent! You get to be a witness to someone's life....for life! I hope to show women that yeah it sucks not having the father present for their child but there are chances for their child to be exposed to great male role models. Same thing for single fathers too; their child will have the chance to know a positive female influence.

Another goal is for this blog to not seem like a venting medium. Not into that. That's what friends and family are for. *wink*

So do you have any suggestions on a good Header? Right now I've got "Mama on the go" because we always seem to be on the go.

Oh have I shared with you that Aidan is army crawling and pulling himself up? Will he crawl or walk first?

P.S. It's raining in Hawai'i today.

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Anonymous said...

You're such a positive inspiration, Jo-jo, really! I'll have to do some thinking on a blog title I guess, but quite frankly, the weekly name change really doesn't bother me so much ;-)


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