April 30, 2009

Really perplexed.

Today I was in Target shopping for some Mother's Day cards for my mama. While scanning the multitude of cards expressing appreciation for someone's mother I stumbled upon a Mother's Day card for a.....

wait for it........


What the??!!??!!

Isn't Father's Day just around the corner?

Who is this dad that will be receiving a Mother's Day card? Is it a man who recently had a sex change? If so, then wouldn't he still get a mommy's day card? Or a card that reads:

"Dear sex changed parental unit, I'm so confused but supportive of your decision to make this transformation from man to woman. Gee golly goo, I love you."

I with I had, had my camera so I could've taken a photo or gotten the name of the cardmaker but I was way too shocked and perplexed by the site of this card.

This world makes less sense with each day.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's for those single dads who act as both mother and father? :P


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