April 14, 2009

Curse of the mommy bulge!!!

Granted I've had this "mommy bulge" since I gave birth to the bambino but it's just funny to button up my pants and see that I've got 2 bellies!!! You know what I'm talking about...I'd post a photo but the sight is just way too horrific and I'd like to reamin somewhat classy. I mean I can fit comfortably in my pants; not feel suffocated or like I'm blocking the blood flow but it's just that excess skin that's hanging around until I've done enough sets of 500 sit-ups and 8 minute abs. It's moments like this that I'm glad that I don't have a partner...I wouldn't want him to have to watch me dress, button up my pants and see this bagel belly.

I would go through pregnancy again but I think that when I reach the 8 month mark, I'll refrain from appeasing my regained appetite. You could tell I was pregnant throughout the whole pregnancy but I could fit into my regular clothes until I reached 8 months and then it was all down hill from there....stretchmarks and then post-partum bulge.....BULGE!!!!!!!!!!

I'll get belly-licious soon but I think I'll still keep the dating jazz on the "2 year wait list."

P.S. Aidan is now able to army crawl and is starting to pull himself up....the townhouse is 1/2 way to being baby proofed. It's time to complete that this weekend. It's crazy how fast my little bambino is growing.

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